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This page contains data as of February, 2019. For consistency, please use the data as illustrated on this page. Data will be updated quarterly.

Setting the stage: Industry reach, size & performance

REITs are part of a much larger and extremely important segment of the economy. Use some of these facts and figures to help contextualize that perspective.



U.S. REITs contributed the equivalent of an estimated 2.3 million full-time jobs to the economy in 2017, generating $140.4 billion of labor income.


mREITs help finance 1.8 million homes in the U.S.


An estimated 80 million Americans own REITs through their retirement savings and other investment funds.


REITs invested $65.5 billion in new construction and routine capital expenditures to maintain existing property in 2017.


REITs paid nearly $19 billion in property taxes in 2017.


REITs own 511,000 properties across the U.S.



Total equity market capitalization of the FTSE Nareit All REITs Index including mREITs.


REIT activities resulted in the distribution of $57.5 billion of dividend income in 2017.

226 REITs

Are in the FTSE Nareit All REITs Index.

31 REITs

31 REITs are members of the S&P 500.


REITs have raised $47 billion in public markets offerings year to date through June 2018.


It is estimated that all REITs own approximately $3 trillion in gross assets. Publicly traded equity REITs account for $2 trillion.


16 of 25
The FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index has outperformed the S&P 500 in 16 of the last 25 years.
The current trailing 25-year annualized total return of the FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index.
5% to 15%
Multiple studies have found that the optimal REIT portfolio allocation may be between 5 percent and 15 percent.
The FTSE Nareit All REITs Index has a dividend yield of 4.8 percent, more than double that of the S&P 500 (2.2 percent).
80 percent of registered investment advisors recommend REITs to their clients.
12 Sectors
REITs own and operate properties across diverse property sectors including retail, residential, infrastructure, health care, office, industrial, data centers, self storage, lodging, timberlands, and others.

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REITs around the world

While the U.S. remains the largest public real estate market, the listed real estate market is increasingly becoming global. The growth is being driven, importantly, by the appeal of the U.S. REIT approach to real estate investment.

Today, more than 35 countries have REITs including all G7 countries.

Global Reach


Currently, 38 countries have enacted REIT legislation.


The number of listed real estate companies included in the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Global Real Estate Index.


REITs comprise 98 percent of the headline Real Estate sector in the Global Industry Classification Standard.


Listed REITs account for 79 percent of the total market capitalization of the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Global Real Estate Developed Market Index.


The total market capitalization of the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Developed Real Estate Index.


Percent of the total market capitalization represented by non-US constituents of the FTSE EPRA/Nareit Global Real Estate Index.