Core Shapes

Our signature graphic elements

Core shapes are proprietary graphic elements that add distinction to the Nareit brand. Using core shapes is not required within every brand touchpoint, but when used correctly, the shapes create a unique visual language.

Core shapes are official brand assets that should be treated as artwork and never created independently. Modifying a core shape to accommodate extreme proportions should be judged on a case-by-case basis with brand team approval.

Core shapes should not be used as decorative elements in layout but should purposefully hold photography, brand color or brand imagery. There are two different categories for the core shapes: guiding shapes and building shapes.

Guiding shapes

Guiding shapes contain at least one acute angle. Usually, these shapes indicate direction or hold information. They can be used alongside brand imagery or brand color. Use only one guiding shape at a time in a layout.

Building shapes

Building shapes are meant to fit together to create a dynamic layout. It’s recommended to use 2–3 building shapes together at a time.