Understanding the square-based grid

The Nareit grid is the foundation for all new graphic content. As a scalable grid, it is built in equal square increments that help determine margins, logo placement, spacing between core shapes and text placement within them. This grid system also helps our new brand easily adapt across a range of media sizes.

How to use

For most communication pieces, the grid is 40 squares across. Use this grid for typical collateral such as: US letter, A4, meter board, 16:9 widescreen PowerPoint, an 8.5x5.5 inch direct mailer and a 6x4 inch postcard.

For extreme vertical or horizontal orientations, the grid can be adapted based off the media’s width. For example, adapting the grid for sizing a skyscraper web banner. This vertical banner uses a 20-square grid, in comparison to a billboard that would require an 80-square grid. The grid expands in width as needed for various media.