As the primary font for Nareit, ITC Korinna was chosen for its bold contemporary weight and classic feel. It nicely complements the unique characteristics of the Nareit logo.

Primary typeface

Use ITC Korinna for headlines or subheads of all brand communications. When used for headlines, all type should be either black or white. If used as a callout or subhead, type may use core Nareit blue.

ITC Korinna (primary typeface for headlines)


Note: All employees can download the font onto their work computers. All agencies are required to use it; this creates consistent visual recognition throughout brand materials and communications.

Secondary typeface

Our secondary brand font is an easy-to-read sans serif called Suisse Int’l. Use this typeface for smaller subheads, callouts and for all body copy.

Suisse Int’l (secondary typeface for body copy)


Default typefaces

When ITC Korinna is not available, Georgia is the recommended default typeface for headline and subhead use. Georgia is a sophisticated serif that reflects similar sensibilities as ITC Korinna. Use Georgia in all digital applications, including web, PowerPoint and Word documents.

On the web, Georgia is the primary typeface in CSS. Use Arial for body copy in digital communications when Suisse Int’l is not available.

Georgia (default typeface)


Arial (default typeface for body copy)